COAPEC Milestones

Updated 16 March 2005


Programme details

Programme name Science focus Duration Data Centre Welcome Page Programme Web Site
COAPEC Impact of the coupling between the Atlantic ocean and the atmosphere on climate, especially European climate, including the influence of ENSO on this coupling. 2000-2005 COAPEC @ BADC COAPEC @ SOC


@ BADC @ NERC SC chairperson Science coordination
Kevin Marsh Lesley Aspinall, PA Alan Thorpe (Reading) Helen Snaith (SOC), SciC


Year Quarter Targets and milestones Completed
2001-02 / * Obtain and maintain 100 years of the HadCM3 control run, plus possible additional data as directed by COAPEC team (< 1 Tb)
* Handle authorisation and access to this data
* Maintain COAPEC related documentation in the form of web pages
* Provide support for coupled atmosphere ocean modelling on Beowulf clusters
2 Extraction of first half of the 1000-year HadCM3 control run
Production of COAPEC workspace via CAST
3 Achieve 75% completion of 1000-year HadCM3 control run archive
Extraction of data from HadAM3 100-year run and provision to Tim Osbourn (UEA)
Extraction of data subsets from the HadCM3 100-year run and provision to Arnold Taylor (Plymouth)
Provision of conversion and subsetting tools to the COAPEC community
4 Replacement of corrupt files of 100-year HadCM3 archive
Continued extraction of missing data from 1000-year HadCM3 control run
2002-03 / * Ongoing maintenance of COAPEC archives
1 Set up of a JANET backup connection to continue the transfer of the 1000-year HadCM3 dataset from the Met Office
1000-year HadCM3 dataset 87% complete
2 Set up of an automated system for cataloguing data files from the HadCM3 100-year control run, checking their integrity and retrieving uncorrupted versions
* Report to SC
4 1000-year HadCM3 dataset 95% complete
* Report to SC
2003-04 / * Ongoing maintenance of COAPEC archives
* Update home page
* Further details to be negotiated
1 Ongoing liaison with Met Office to fill gaps in 1000-year HadCM3 data set
Ongoing liaison with Hadley Centre to develop software allowing direct data file ingestion into LAS
2 1000-year HadCM3 dataset 98% complete
Availability to COAPEC users of subsets of the 1000-year HadCM3 dataset that have been checked
* Implementation of COAPEC LAS
* Provision of ECMWF HindCast (Seasonal Forecast) data, including file naming convention and documentation
3 1000-year HadCM3 dataset 100% complete
Integrity checks performed on 1000-year HadCM3 dataset and complete availability to COAPEC users
* Provision of LAS virtual data implementation plan
4 BADC contribution to COAPEC newsletter
Re-extraction of defective ocean temperature data files from the Met Office
* Implementation of virtual data sets into the LAS
2004-05 / * Maintenance of COAPEC archives
2 * 6-month report to SciC
4 * 6-month report to SciC
* Targets and milestones printed in blue and marked with an asterisk appear in the NERC-BADC SLA Annex of the corresponding financial year. Until 2001-02 included, no quarter milestone was stated in the SLA, but only general targets and deliverables for the year.


Year Category Person.Year Person.Month Paid
2001-2002 ?
2002-2003 10
2003-2004 35
2004-2005 10
Total ?


APMAssistant Programme Manager
ASciCAssistant Science Coordinator
BADCBritish Atmospheric Data Centre
BODCBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
BSCWBasic Support for Cooperative Work
CCClimate Change
CCLRCCouncil of the Central Laboratories of the Research Councils (UK)
CFClimate and Forecasting
CLAUSCloud Archive User Service
COAPECCoupled Ocean-Atmosphere Processes and European Climate
CWAVECloud & Water Vapour Experiment for Model Comparisons at the CCLRC Chilbolton Observatory
CWVCClouds, Water Vapour and Climate
DARCData Assimilation Research Centre
DMPData Management Plan
ENSOEl Niño Southern Oscillation
EOEFEarth Observation Enabling Fund
ESAEuropean Space Agency
GOMOSGlobal Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars
HDFHierarchical Data Format
ICARTTInternational Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation
ISCCPInternational Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
ITOPIntercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors
LASLive Access Server
MERISMedium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MIPASMichelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
NEOEGNERC Earth Observation Expert Group
NERCNatural Environment Research Council (UK)
PAProgramme Administrator
PCoProgramme Coordinator
PIPrincipal Investigator
PMProgramme Manager
QUESTQuantifying and Understanding the Earth System
RDCRAPID Data Centre
SAGEStratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment
SCSteering Committee
SCIAMACHYScanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography
SciCScience Coordinator
SLAService Level Agreement
SOSuperintending Officer
SOCSouthampton Oceanographic Centre (UK)
SOLASSurface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study
TbTerrabyte (1012 bytes)
TBDTo be decided
URGENTUrban Regenaration and the Environment
UTLSUpper Troposphere - Lower Stratosphere
WHOIWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Massachusetts, USA)