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The Berlin Stratospheric Data Series

Intro: Brief description

The Berlin stratopsheric data series contains temperature and geopotential height data on the 100, 50, 30, 10 mb pressure surfaces produced at the Meteorological Institute, Free University of Berlin, from radiosonde data and rocket observations. The data covers the northern hemisphere during the years 1957 to 2001 and is available on both a 10° x 10° and 5° x 5° grid.

This data series is fully documented and contains remarks on summer, winter and annual trends and variability of the data, climatological monthly mean temperature and geopotential height at 30 mb, and intercomparisons with other data series. There are also sections on the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) and the global signal of the 11-year sunspot cycle in the stratosphere.

Docs: Documentation

A full list of the contents of this dataset including scientific and technical information is available here. This contains further links to the each individual section and to the data. Some of these documents are also available in PDF format.

Access: Access to data

The data are held on a CD-ROM at the BADC together with software to read the data.

If you acquire data from the CD please acknowledge K. Labitzke and Collaborators, 2002: The Berlin Stratospheric Data Series, CD from Meteorological Institute, Free University Berlin.

Links: Links to further information.

Meteorological Institute, Free University Berlin

Who: Who to contact

If you would like to know more about the Berlin stratospheric data series or require a copy of the CD please contact K. Labitzke at the Meteorological Institute, Free University Berlin. For general queries regarding these pages or browsing the data contact the BADC support line.

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