EXPORT Directory Structure

This is a draft document, and will change with time.


This document outlines the unix directory structure used at the BADC for the EXPORT data archive. The structure reflects conventions adopted by the BADC for other data archives, which are based on ease of navigation and access.

All aircraft data collected as part of the EXPORT campaign can be found under the directory /badc/export/data.

This directory is split in to a number of subdirectories based on the aircraft on which measurements where made. Trajectories calculated by the University of Reading can be found in /badc/ecmwf-trj/data/export

The subdirectory structure of /badc/export/doc and /badc/export/software is not yet defined. These will become defined as the need demands.

Data Directories

Directory Aircraft
/badc/export/data/c-130 MRF Hercules C-130
/badc/export/data/falcon DLR Falcon
/badc/export/data/mystere UPMC-SA Mystere