FLoAT - Responding to the June/July Flood Events in the UK

* Introduction

This project is intended to collate a variety of data collected during the June and July 2007 Flood events in the UK. This project will be the largest source of data to be archived for the FREE programme. The BADC will provide support and advice on the acquisition of this data. Data will be archived at the BADC unless already stored in a NERC data centre in which case a link will be provided from the BADC archive.

This project is funded by NERC - project Ref. R8/H12/69 - through the Flood Risk for Etreme Events (FREE) NERC directed mode programme.

* Availability of data

This project collated a broad range of data types from many sources during and after the flood events. Links will be provided to data already in NERC and other established data centres and additional data will be stored in the BADC FREE data archive.

* Access to data and information

The data and links to outside sources from this project will be stored at the BADC in the FREE FLoAT project archive. Metadata will also be stored at the BADC .

Access to FREE data held at the BADC will be restricted to the FREE participants during a restricted access period ending two years after the end date of each project. Data will be made publicly accessible after that date.

If you are a FREE participant and wish to access restricted FREE data, please

* Instructions for data providers

FREE participants wishing to submit data should read the submission instructions. If you have publications arising from FREE research please send details [title, author(s), reference] to the BADC help desk for inclusion in the archive.

* Documentation

* Citation

* Who to contact

This FREE project is headed by Prof Stuart Lane of Durham University.

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