GFDex project space - access directions

A secure private project space has been set up for the use of GFDex participants. This project space is a separate entity to the archive and will be used for exchanging planning information and preliminary results.

This space is accessible only by FTP. To access this project space you should:

1) Register for access to the GFDex archive.

Once you application has been authorised you will receive an email advising you that GFDex has been added to your account.

2) Access the ftp project space

If you cannot see the directory project_spaces/gfdex please check you have access to the GFDex dataset by visiting MyBADC. If GFDex appears on your list of groups but you still cannot access the project space please contact the BADC help desk.

For help with FTP please see the BADC FTP guide

This project space is organised and arranged by the GFDex PI and participants. Any queries about the content of the project space should be addressed to the PI I. Renfrew.

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