GOME Version Information

The current version number is 2.1. Previous versions are available in subdirectories of the main data directory.The different versions are summarised in the table below.

Version Date range Comments
1.0 Jan 1998 - Mar 1999 Original version
1.1 Jan 1996 - Aug 1999 Scheme improved to suppress peaks in in lower-stratosphere mixing ratios
1.2 Jun 1995 - Aug 1999 Improved calculation of total column by intgrating profile. Averaging kernels included. DLR GDPV2.7 level 2 O3 and ICFA included (see to http://auc.dfd.dlr.de/GOME/).
2.0 July 1995 - May 2003 Improved calculation of total column of ozone.
2.1 July 1995 - Dec 2002 Improved handling of instrument slit function, use of cloud information from GOME level 2 data and diffuser-plate correction applied to tropospheric ozone.