ISCCPD variables.

A complete list of the variables is included here:

Variable # Code * Description *
1 Latitude index (equal-area)
2 Longitude index (equal-area)
3 Lower longitude index (2.5 deg square)
4 Upper longitude index (2.5 deg square)
5 Land/water/coast code
6 GMT 00-21: Total number of days in average (day+night)
GMT all: Total number of GMTS in average (day+night)
7 GMT 00-21: Total number of days in average (day)
GMT all: Total number of GMTS in average (day)
8 Mean frequency of cloudy pixels (Adj2. Adj6)
9 GMT 00-21: Number of days with cloudy pixels > 0
GMT all: Mean freq of cloudy days
10 Marginal VIS/IR cloud amount
11 Mean PC for cloudy pixels (Adj1, Adj2, Adj6)
12 Time-sigma PC for IR-cloudy pixels
13 Mean space-sigma PC for IR-cloudy pixels
14 Mean TC for cloudy pixels (Adj1, Adj2, Adj4, Adj6)
15 Time-sigma TC for IR-cloudy pixels
16 Mean space-sigma TC for IR-cloudy pixels
17 Mean TAU for VIS/IR-cloudy pixels (Adj3, Adj4, Adj6)
18 D Time-sigma TAU for VIS/IR-cloudy pixels
19 D Mean space-sigma TAU for VIS/IR-cloudy pixels
20 D Mean path for VIS/IR-cloudy pixels
21 D Time-sigma path for VIS/IR-cloudy pixels
22 D Mean space-sigma path for VIS/IR-cloudy pixels
23 Avg freq of low level cloudiness
24 Avg PC of low level cloudiness
25 Avg TC of low level cloudiness
26 Avg freq of middle level cloudiness
27 Avg PC of middle level cloudiness
28 Avg TC of middle level cloudiness
29 Avg freq of high level cloudiness
30 Avg PC of high level cloudiness
31 Avg TC of high level cloudiness
32 D Avg freq of cumulus cloudiness
33 D Avg PC of cumulus cloudiness
34 D Avg TC of cumulus cloudiness
35 D Avg TAU of cumulus cloudiness
36 D Avg freq of stratus cloudiness
37 D Avg PC of stratus cloudiness
38 D Avg TC of stratus cloudiness
39 D Avg TAU of stratus cloudiness
40 D Avg freq of altocumulus cloudiness
41 D Avg PC of altocumulus cloudiness
42 D Avg TC of altocumulus cloudiness
43 D Avg TAU of altocumulus cloudiness
44 D Avg freq of nimbostratus cloudiness
45 D Avg PC of nimbostratus cloudiness
46 D Avg TC of nimbostratus cloudiness
47 D Avg TAU of nimbostratus cloudiness
48 D Avg freq of cirrus cloudiness
49 D Avg PC of cirrus cloudiness
50 D Avg TC of cirrus cloudiness
51 D Avg TAU of cirrus cloudiness
52 D Avg freq of cirrostratus cloudiness
53 D Avg PC of cirrostratus cloudiness
54 D Avg TC of cirrostratus cloudiness
55 D Avg TAU of cirrostratus cloudiness
56 D Avg freq of deep convective cloudiness
57 D Avg PC of deep convective cloudiness
58 D Avg TC of deep convective cloudiness
59 D Avg TAU of deep convective cloudiness
60 Mean TS from clear sky composite (Adj4, Adj6)
61 Time-sigma TS from clear sky composite
62 D Mean RS from clear sky composite (Adj4, Adj5)
63 Mean snow/ice cover
64 Surface pressure (TOVS)
65 Near-surface air temperature (TOVS extrapolated)
66 Temperature at 500 mb (TOVS)
67 Tropopause pressure (TOVS)
68 Tropopause temperature (TOVS)
69 Stratosphere temperature at 15 mb (TOVS)
70 Precipitable water - column (TOVS)
71 Ozone - column (TOVS)
72 Mean freq of cloud pixels - unadjusted

* The following terms apply to the ISCCP-C2 variables:

D: indicates variables present only during local daytime
TAU: cloud optical thickness
PATH: cloud water path
PC: cloud top pressure
TC: cloud top temperature
TS: surface temperature
RS: surface reflectance
SIGMA: standard deviation over spatial or temporal domains
GMT 00-21: indicates hour-monthly mean datasets
GMT all: indicates monthly mean datasets