ISCCP Software Directory

Included in the software directory are three sample programmes for reading the ISCCP-D2 data in HDF format.  These programmes should be modified by the user for their individual needs. The HDF libraries, source code and documentation can be obtained free of charge from the  National Center for National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).  Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). A number of separate HDF manipulation tools can also be accessed at this site.  The specific files provided are:  - a sample IDL programme which allows for the reading of the HDF file using IDL's own HDF libraries. This code has been written by the BADC from the original fortran read files of the data provider. Queries should be addressed to the BADC.

readme_isccpd2 - a readme file which provides information on the files isccp_d2_read.f and isccp_d2_read.c  provided by the Langley Atmospheric Science Data Centre.
                                 Information on compiling the read software is given within this file.
isccp_d2_read.f  - a sample fortran programme
isccp_d2_read.c - a sample c programme