What's new?

News on the BADC MLS service, MLS instrument and related issues

29th Jan. 1998: The web pages have been reviewed following the Version 4 update. Some broken links have been repaired and the BADC MLS help file has been updated. Note that the definitive source of information on MLS is the MLS team documentation.

23rd Jan. 1998: The Version 4 MLS dataset is now in place. The data is now in IEEE binary files, so the read software is also changed. The documentation has also been replaced. There is a new constituent, HNO3. The web pages and README files are still to be fully updated.

14th Jan. 1998: we are about to replace our existing Version 3 MLS Level 3A data with Version 4. In the course of this change we will also be updating the data directory structure. The "version" subdirectory level will be removed since we only keep the latest version online at any given time. Beneath each species subdirectory we'll be adding yearly subdirectories. The new data is in IEEE binary files so we'll be holding it online as supplied (for Version 3 we had to convert the supplied VMS binary files to ASCII to allow users based on UNIX and other systems to read them). The read software supplied with the files will therefore also be different from Version 3.