QUEST Theme 3 - QUATERMASS (Quantifying the potential of terrestrial biomass to mitigate climate change) Project

* Introduction

Quatermass will carry out a quantitative assessment of the global potential for terrestrial biosphere management activities, including avoided deforestation, afforestation and biomass energy production, to offset fossil fuel emissions taking into account all long-term climatic effects, and their sustainability.

The main goal of the project is to characterise, quantify, map and evaluate the key mitigation options at national, regional and global level based on the demand and potential supply as well as implications from international trade (biomass fuels and emissions).

This "global assessment project" aims to provide essential scientific information for those governments (including the UK) that are actively involved in framing climate policy. Results will be delivered for individual countries, with regional and global aggregations, and will present policy makers with a range of options and outcomes so they can judge the impacts of various bio-policy interventions in different locations. The analysis will take account of existing information (from other QUEST and international research activities) about GHG changes and climate which respectively affect crop yields, forest growth and forest area distribution in terms of avoided deforestation and (re--)afforestation.

* Availability of data and file format

Data are stored in the BADC QUEST QUATERMASS project data archive.

The data filenames should follow the BADC File Name convention and the data file format should be NetCDF or NASA-Ames.

* Access to data and information

Please refer to the QUEST Conditions of Access page for details on access restrictions.

* Citation

* Who to contact

QUATERMASS is led by Dr Jeremy Woods (Imperial College London) with 13 co-investigators from Imperial College London, Forest Research, University of Aberdeen, IIASA and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM).

Each QUEST project will have a designated "data co-ordinator" to ensure good communication with the QUEST core team/BADC regarding data issues, and to ensure that each project meets its data provision obligations. The data co-ordinator for the QUATERMASS project is to be determined.

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