NASA Langley Policies Concerning the Use of SAGE III Data

This is the text of the Conditions of Use notice from NASA Langley which was supplied with the data

Policies Concerning the Use of SAGE III Data


The requested form of acknowledgment for any publication in which this data are used is:

"These data were obtained from the NASA Langley Research Center EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Center."


The Langley DAAC requests two reprints (in electronic or hardcopy form) of any published paper or report which cite the use of data that the Langley DAAC have distributed. This will help the DAAC to determine the use of data distributed, which is helpful in optimizing product development.

Redistribution of Data

To assist the Langley DAAC in providing the best service to the scientific community, a notification is requested if these data are transmitted to other researchers.