UK SOLAS Project: Reactive Halogens in the Marine Boundary Layer (RHaMBLe)

This page supplements the main UK SOLAS programme page with details that relate only to the RHaMBLe project.

* Introduction

RHaMBLe aims to quantify impacts of marine halogen emissions on atmospheric composition by the direct observation of a range of reactive halogen species (RHS) in the marine atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on the roles of halogens in oxidative processes and on secondary aerosol formation and transformations resulting from the cycling of RHS.

RHaMBLe includes open ocean and coastal measurements. Two open ocean deployments will link with proposed long-term studies in the tropical Atlantic Ocean on Sao Vicente in the Cape Verde Islands: i) an intensive campaign and supplementation of the continuous measurements already funded at Cape Verde and ii) a simultaneous ship transect through the biologically-active upwelling region west of Mauritania. These will provide possibly the most comprehensive characterisation of halogen compounds in the marine atmosphere to date, including both organic and inorganic reactive species and providing substantial spatial and temporal coverage. The coastal field project will provide direct observational linkage between new particle formation and RHS, to enable development of a usable parameterisation for use in large-scale models.

* Availability of data

Measurements expected include:

* Access to data

The data are restricted to project participants for 1 year following collection, and to UK SOLAS participants for a further year, see details in the UK SOLAS Data Protocol. Once public, requirements will continue to apply to publications based on the data.

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To access the data visit the UK SOLAS RHaMBLe archive.

* Instructions to data providers

Details of formats, filenames and how to submit data are given on the UK SOLAS programme page .

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