SRB Project Documentation

Most of these documents are taken direct from the NASA SRB CD. The BADC is not responsible for their contents

[TEXT] Documentation Inventory (readme)

An ASCII listing of the documentation on the SRB CD-ROM.

[TEXT] Introduction (booklet.doc)

An ASCII copy of the booklet that is delivered as part of the CD-ROM package.

[TEXT] Introduction to HDF (hdf.doc)

A description of the Hierarchical Data Format.

[TEXT] Software from NCSA (ncsa.doc)

Information on the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and instructions on obtaining the HDF software.

[TEXT] A Guide to SRB data (srbguide.doc)

A guide to the SRB dataset.

[TEXT] Technical Guide to the data (whitlock.doc)

A technical memorandum written by the data producer explaining the SRB data.