STEP Project Documentation

These documents are taken direct from the NASA STEP CD. The BADC is not responsible for their contents.

[TEXT] BASIC Information (readme.doc)

This file contains a basic description of the dataset, and a list of the files available on the CD-ROM.

[TEXT] Tables showing the data available (catalog.doc)

Contains a list of the principal investigators, their instruments, and the available data.

[TEXT] The file formats (format.doc)

Gives the format specifications which all experimenters were encouraged to use when writing files for data exchange. The standard format includes header information which describes the data, and the data in the form of time series.

[TEXT] Software Documentation (software.doc)

Contains documentation on FORTRAN subroutines included in the SOFTWARE directory which can be used to read those files which are in the standard format.

[TEXT] Flight Notes (fltnotes.doc)

Contains Edwin Danielsen's notes which briefly describe the scientific objectives and meteorological context of each of the ER-2 flights out of Darwin.