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Common names for UFAM File-naming convention


In liaison with the UFAM community the BADC has established a file-naming convention for UFAM data. This page provides a list names (and codes) commonly used in UFAM file names. If you have additions to make to list then please e-mail them to BADC Support.

The categories below are being devised as more names (and codes) are collected. More may be added in the course of time:


adaAirborne Droplet Analyser (TSI Inc.).
aerolaser-coAerolaser CO analyser.
aerosol-tof-msTSI3800 Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer.
amsAerosol Mass Spectrometer (Aerodyne Research Inc.).
asaspxTo be added...
bcr-spectrometerBroadband cavity ringdown spectrometer.
bham-moudiBirmingham Micro-Orifice Uniform Deposit Impactor (MOUDI).
canister-samplerCanister sampling.
cloud-cameraCloud camera.
d-calm-aircraftTo be added...
dc-gc-fid1Perkin Elmer Dual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 1.
dc-gc-fid2Perkin Elmer Dual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 2.
dc-gc-fid3Perkin Elmer Dual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 3.
dmpsDifferential Mobility Particle Sizer (UMIST).
doasDifferential Optical Absorption Spectrometer.
fageFluorecence Assay by Gas Expansion.
gc-fid1Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 1.
gc-fid2Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 2.
gc-fid3Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 3.
gc-fid-adsGas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector and Adsorption-Desorption System.
gc-msGas Chromatograph - Mass Spectrometer.
gc-nici-msGas Chromotography Negative Ion Chemical Ioisation Mass Spectrometer.
gps-positionGlobal Positioning System.
grimmGrimm particle spectrometer.
hp6890Hewlett Packard 6890 Gas Chromatograph.
hplc-pcdHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography with Post Column Derivatisation.
htdmaHygroscopicity Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser (UMIST).
leeds-cpcOptical particle counter.
leeds-fsspForward Scattering spectrometer probe.
leeds-gc-hchoLeeds Gas Chromatograph (home-built).
leeds-peroxideHigh Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
leic-fr-jno2To be added...
leic-fr-jo1d-aTo be added...
leic-fr-jo1d-bTo be added...
leic-relativehumidityTo be added...
leic-sr-ch3choTo be added...
leic-sr-ch3coch3To be added...
leic-sr-fluxTo be added...
leic-sr-jhcho-nrTo be added...
leic-sr-jhcho-rTo be added...
leic-sr-jhonoTo be added...
leic-sr-jno2To be added...
leic-sr-jo1dTo be added...
leic-temperatureTo be added...
lidar-ct75kChilbolton 905 nm lidar ceilometer.
lidar-uvUV lidar.
macehead-coreCore chemistry species at Mace Head, Ireland.
mcmv3-box-modelMCMv3 box model.
metTo be added...
met-sensorsMeteorological sensors.
multiple-raingaugesMultiple raingauges.
oapTo be added...
percaPEroxy Radical Chemical Amplification technique.
photochem-box-modelPhotochemical box model.
radar-1290mhzAberystwyth 1290MHz Wind Profiler.
radar-acrobatChilbolton 1275 MHz radar.
radar-camraChilbolton 3 GHz radar.
radar-copernicusChilbolton 35 GHz radar.
radar-galileoChilbolton 94 GHz radar.
radar-mstMST (Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere) radar.
radiometer-infra-redInfra-red radiometer.
radiometers-microwaveMicrowave radiometers.
radiometer-visibleVisible spectrum radiometer.
salford-lidar-dop-1Salford Doppler Lidar.
smpsScanning Mobility Particle Sizer (TSI Inc.).
sodarScintec MFAS Sodar.
south-wonston-38ghzSouth Wonston - Sparsholt 38 GHz Vertically polarised link.
south-wonston-54ghzSouth Wonston - Sparsholt 54 GHz Vertically polarised link.
south-wonston-56ghzSouth Wonston - Sparsholt 56 GHz Vertically polarised link.
stage-impactorMOUDI 8 stage impactor.
teco-o3-analyserTECO Ozone analyser.
thermal-ppterThermal precipitator.
uea-hchoTo be added...
uea-noxyTo be added...
uea-panTo be added...
uea-peroxidesTo be added...
ugamp-ecprofUGAMP interpolated profiles of ECMWF analyses.
ugamp-trajUGAMP Offline trajectory model.
umist-cpcCondensation Particle Counter (TSI Inc.).
umist-fsspForward Scattering Spectroscopy Probe (PMS Inc.).
umist-sonic-1To be added...
umist-sonic-2To be added...
umist-sonic-3To be added...
umist-sonic-4To be added...
volTo be added...
weekly-hi-volWeekly high volume particle composition data.
wind-sensorsWind-measuring instruments.
zenith-doasDOAS Vertical Columns of NO3 during Sunrise.


Location names may be used in the location section of the file name but can also be included as part of the instrument/model section of the name.

alumwellWalsall Alumwell, Birmingham
basBritish Antarctic Survey
belBelbroughton, Hereford & Worcester
bhamBirmingham City or Birmingham University
birkBirkbeck College
briBristol University
camUniversity of Cambridge
capel-dewiCapel Dewi near Aberystwyth (site of the NERC MST radar).
carUniversity of Cardiff
cehCentre for Ecology and Hydrology
coventryCoventry, West Midlands
dodDodford, Hereford & Worcester
firtreeFir Tree Drive, Birmingham
foxFox Hollies Road, Birmingham
fradleyFradley Park, Staffordshire
frankleyFrankley Reservoir, Birmingham
frolesFrolesworth, Leicestershire
frongochUniversity of Wales Aberystwyth Frongoch Farm field site (used, for example, for radiosonde launches).
greensGreensforge, Hereford & Worcester
halfpHalfpenny Green Airport, Staffordshire
hodgeHodge Hill, Birmingham
kidderKidderminster, Hereford & Worcester
leedsUniversity of Leeds
leicLeicester University
maceheadMace Head.
moretonMoreton Morrell, Warwickshire
oxfordUniversity of Oxford
pritchPritchatts Road, Birmingham
readReading University
rowleyRowley Regis, Birmingham
salUniversity of Salford
soiScripps Oceanographic Institute
solihullSolihull, Birmingham
springSpringfield, Birmingham
strettonStretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire
surUniversity of Surrey
tamworthTamworth, Warwickshire
turnersTurner's Hill, Birmingham
uclUniversity College London
ueaUniversity of East Anglia
ukmoMet Office
umistUniversity of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
westbromWest Bromwich, Birmingham
willenhallWillenhall, Birmingham
withyWithybrook Equestrian Centre, Warwickshire
wolverWolverhampton, Birmingham


d-calm-aircraftNERC Dornier 228-101 D-CALM research aircraft


To be added...


To be added...

File extensions

.ncNetCDF file format.
.naNASA Ames file format.
.tarTar file (will contain other formats).
.jpgJPEG image format.
.pngPortable Network Graphics (PNG) image format.
.gifGIF image format.

Chemical species abbreviations

This list provides standards for use with chemical and particulate data.

coCarbon monoxide
co2Carbon dioxide
hno2Nitrous acid
hno3Nitric acid
noNitrogen monoxide
noxNO + NO2
no2Nitrogen dioxide
n2oNitrous oxide
pmParticulate matter
pmchPerfluoromethylcyclohexane C7F14
pmcpPerfluoromethylcyclopentane C6F12
so2Sulfur dioxide

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