UJCC - Readme

A brief description of the experiment IDs that make up the UJCC Dataset Matrix


Present-day (pre-release) HadGEM1a run from 1/9/78.
Equivalent to eacsc, but with the stricter convergence tolerance in the GCR solver for the atmospheric dynamics:
eacsc: Absolute tolerance=1e-2
eacsd: Absolute tolerance=1e-3


Present-day (pre-release) HadGEM1a run from 1/9/78 to 1/12/08.
Equivalent to eacsb/c, but with bit-level perturbations added to the initial atmosphere dump to explore model sensitivity to initial conditions.

eadvi eadvj eadvl

These runs together make up a 50-year n144 atmosphere 1deg ocean run.


Present-day (pre-release) HiGEM1a run from 1/9/78 to its failure on 26/9/93.
The run was restarted from 1/9/93 as job eafeb, which includes mods to get around the problem that caused the failure.


Present-day (pre-release) HadGEM1a run from 1/9/78 to 01/12/88
Equivalent to eacsc, but starting from ECMWF atmospheric analysis.

eaepc eaepd eaeva

5 year n144 atmosphere-only runs (with SSTs from HiGEM).
These experiments are aimed at checking the influence of Tropical Instability Waves on the atmosphere.


Present-day (pre-release) HiGEM1a run started from eadwh; 1/9/93 onwards.
For the first 3 months (i.e. to 1/12/93) the model setup was the same as eadwh except that polar filtering of increments was turned off. Following this, a mod (moses2_snow_vn1.mf77) was also introduced in order to get around problems related to the melting of ice pillars in the Himalayan region.
The job archive, eafeb_job.tar.gz, is for this second version.