The CEDA Artefacts Service

The CEDA Artefacts service contains a range of items used by CEDA which may change and be updated over time.

These items include content that helps other CEDA sites delivery and also items such as back groud documentation and licences for data in the CEDA Archive.

Though the CEDA Team will aim to maintain the content, there will be items of older documentation that may contain historical content including broken links. Please feel free to get in touch with the CEDA support team for assistance.

Note: at present the links below will take users to a github repository where users can browse content.

Dataset Documentation

Dataset documentation related to the CEDA Archive


Licence files used for CEDA services and datasets.

Format Documentation

Docunmentation for a range of data formats found in the CEDA Archive

NEODC Documents

Old 'NEODC' documentation pages.


Graphics used on past and present CEDA site pages

Old project websites

Collection of old frozen websites

Past community reports

A number of historical reports for the COAPEC, CWVC and Polluted Troposphere programmes.

Past Conferences and presentations

Historical conference details and presentations

Historic BADC press releases

Historic press releases and other comms from the British Atmsopheric Data Centre