AAOE Project Documentation

These documents are taken direct from the NASA AAOE CD. The BADC is not responsible for their contents.

Text BASIC Information (readme.doc)

This file contains a basic description of the dataset, a list of the files available on the CD ROM and a few references.

Text The PIs and their research interests.(catalog.doc)

The following is a list of AAOE '87 Principal Investigators, their instruments, principal measurements, and data sample intervals (DSI) in seconds. Their addresses are also included.

Text The file formats (format.doc)

This document gives the format specifications which all experimenters were encouraged to use when writing time series data files for data exchange. The standard format includes header information which describes the data, and the data in the form of time series. Some of the measurements (ie. balloon and lidar soundings, and those with nonuniform sampling intervals) are not easily cast as time series with constant sampling intervals so some of the data files have unique formats. But most of the ER-2 data files and some of the DC-8 files follow this standard format (with the exception that the file name extensions have been changed). At the very least, this document should serve as a guide for reading the data files.

Text Halley Bay Ozonesonde ascents (halley.doc)

A schedule of Ozonesonde ascents from Halley Bay (76 ° S, 27 ° W) in 1987, to be used in conjunction with the data files on the AAOE CD-ROM.

Text The Supplied Software (software.doc)

Documents the Fortran subroutines included on the CD-ROM which can be used to read those files which are in the standard format described in the format specification above.