ASHOE Project Documentation

Most of these documents are taken direct from the NASA ASHOE CD. The BADC is not responsible for their contents.

* BASIC Information (readme.doc)

This file contains a basic description of the dataset, a list of the files available on the CD-ROM and an outline of the CD-ROM's directory structure.

* The Principal Investigators (contact.doc)

Contains a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of the principal investigators.

* Datasets available. (er2table.doc)

Tables showing the available datasets in the ER-2 subdirectory ordered by principal investigator and cross referenced against the date of the flight.

* Fights made during the campaign (fltcat.doc)

This contains a summary of the flights giving dates, take off and touch down points and duration in addition to very brief comments compiled by Adrian Tuck - the ASHOE project scientist.

* The file formats ( and and are PostScript files of the document entitled "Format Specification for Data Exchange" which defines the standard file formats in which all data are recorded. contains the title page and table of contents; contains the bulk of the document.

* UV-Vis Experiment (uv_vis.doc)

A detailed description of the UV-Vis experiment, also known as the Composition and Photodissociative Flux Measurement (CPFM) compiled by Tom McElroy.

* End of Mission Statement (

A PostScript file containing the End of Mission Statement for ASHOE/MAESA. This document summarises the objectives and significant findings of the campaign based on preliminary analysis of the data during the field phase of the mission.