ATSR-1 - Project Team Documentation

Most of these documents are taken direct from the ATSR CD-ROM. The BADC is not responsible for their contents.

*CD -ROM Booklet

These files contain the latex source (booklet.tex) and the postscript output ( for the information booklet supplied with the CD.

*Product Documents

Postscript files containing the product documents for the SADIST v500 ( and the SADIST 2 (

*Operations Log

An ASCII text file containing the ATSR operations log (atsrops.txt)

*Bad Data List

An ASCII text file which summarizes the time ranges which have been removed from the ASST data set for quality control purposes (baddata.txt)

*Getting Updates

An ASCII text file which describes the anonymous ftp account at RAL where updates to the data, software and documentation are made available. (ftp.txt)

*VMS advice

An ASCII text file containing advice for those running VMS computers. (vms.txt)


Dates in the (y mm dd) format are given for the day numbers as used in the ASST data (daydates.txt)