Chilbolton cloud camera


A near vertically pointing camera is mounted to the roof platform railings of a raised portakabin at the Chilbolton Observatory. Three pictures are taken from this camera in quick succession every 15 minutes. All images are recorded in the archive with the black night-time images removed. the camera views 60 degrees in azimuth and 44 degrees in elevation. The mount 14 degrees off vertical and points to the sky over the Chilbolton Advanced Meteorological Radar.

Data format

The data are in jpg format which is a 24 bit format that retains the original RGB information captured from the camera. Analysis can therefore be performed on these different wavelengths.

Conditions of use

If Chilbolton cloud camera images are used in any publication or report then acknowledgement must be given to the Radiocommunications Research Unit at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for providing the data.

Who to contact

If you have problems obtaining the data, please contact the British Atmospheric Data Centre.