South Wonston to Sparsholt 5 km Radio Links

Beacon Receivers and Power Supplies for the 38Ghz & 54/56GHz Receivers


Microwave radio signals can be badly affected when rain or sleet is present along the path between transmitter and receiver. The signal is absorbed and scattered, becoming much weaker than normal. This creates difficulties for telecommunications operators who need to guarantee a reliable service in all weathers. As higher frequencies are used by radio operators the characteristics of these outages have sometimes been surprising a research is taking place to investigate the propagation losses at these higher bands.

Monitoring is taking place of the signal levels of several links at frequencies of 38, 54 and 56 Ghz which run from the South Wonston water tower on the A34 to Sparsholt College. The links are within coverage of the Chilbolton Advanced Meteorological Radar.

Data are logged every second 24 hours a day .

Data format

The data are NetCDF format.

Conditions of use

If data are used in any publication or report then acknowledgement must be given to the Radiocommunications Research Unit at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory for providing the data.

Who to contact

If you have problems obtaining the data, please contact the British Atmospheric Data Centre.