Winter 1998/1999 radar data

Radar measurements made at 35 and 94 GHz at Chilbolton during winter 1998-9.

This document was originally provided by Robin Hogan 26 February 2001.


This dataset consists of daily 2-min/2-rangegate averaged radar data from the Chilbolton 35 and 94 GHz radars taken from 23 October 1998 to 24 January 1999. The files here are in simple ascii (gzipped): the first line has four numbers, the date (yyyymmdd), the number of range gates, the number of rays in the file, and the radar frequency (GHz). Each subsequent line corresponds to a pixel of data: the first number is the time (decimal hours since midnight GMT), the second is the height above mean sea level (km) and the third is the calibrated radar reflectivity factor (dBZ). Cloud-free pixels are indicated by the value -99.00.

Individual daily quicklooks can be found here, and the whole set of quicklooks are also available (chilwinter9899gif.tar.gz 1.7Mb).

In addition to the daily files below you can download the whole set (cloudradar_all_ascii.tar 21Mb) or all days on which both radars were operating (cloudradar_dual_ascii.tar 5.6 Mb).