Data Protocol

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This document outlines the principles adopted by the project and the British Atospheric Data Centre (BADC) regarding archival of data at the BADC. The detailed implementation of these principles will be further described in the Data Management Plan.

The aims of the Data Protocol are These aims may conflict at times and it is hoped that the provisions of the protocol resolve these conflicts fairly.
  1. The designated data centre for the project is the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC).
  2. All raw data submitted to the BADC will be made available to PI's upon submission.
  3. Data submitted to the BADC will be periodically validated and incorporated into the archive in accordance with the Data Management Plan. The latest date by which data must be submitted will be June 30th 2007.
  4. Access to data within the archive will be restricted to users given authorisation by a designated scientist for a period of 2 years after the data is placed in the archive.
  5. Following the restricted access period (see 4.) data in the archive will be made freely available to all users.
  6. Data users are requested to contact a designated scientist prior to use of any of the data. scientists may request acknowledgement (or joint authorship) in any publications based on, using or quoting the data.
  7. Data submitted to the BADC must be in the data format agreed between and the BADC (namely NetCDF, where possible conforming to the CF metadata standard). Details of the internal structure of data and metadata are described in the Data Management Plan. It is the responsibility of to inform the BADC of any variation in the structure of the data or metadata that will impact the validation procedures at the BADC.
  8. The BADC will produce metadata for each simulation to facilitate searching of the archive. This metadata will be made available to the project to allow external indexing of the archive.