Clouds, Water Vapour and Climate – Projects

Projects have been awarded in three rounds: January 1999 (Round 1), December 2000 (Round 2) and September 2001 (Round 3).

Project number Project title Round number End date Principal investigators
GST/02/2314 Three-dimensional high resolution meso-scale modeling of droplet growth in cumulus clouds and comparison with observations 1 31 October 2002 Dr Alan Gadian
GST/02/2316 Observations and modelling of the microphysical and radiative properties of mixed phase frontal cloud 1 31 March 2003 T. Choularton
P. Jonas
C. Saunders
A. Illingworth
GST/02/2874 The microphysical and radiative properties of mixed phase clouds 2 30 November 2003 T. Choularton
A. Illingworth
G. Craig
P. Kaye
GST/02/2318 Airborne measurements of the IR radiative properties of ice clouds and clear air using ARIES and TAFTS 1 31 May 2002 J. Harries
GST/02/2321 Single particle experiments to determine the scattering properties of representative regular and irregular ice crystals 1 4 August 2001 P. Kaye
GST/02/2879 Characterising particle size, shape and distribution in ice and mixed-phase clouds 2 30 November 2003 P. Kaye
NER/T/S/2001/203 Measurements of scattering and absorption properties of ice crystals appropriate to tropical cirrus cloud 3 1 January 2005 P. Kaye
J. Ulanowski
GST/02/2324 Cirrus, dynamics and water vapour 1 31 March 2002 J. Whiteway
G. Vaughan
T. Choularton
P. Jonas
GST/02/2881 EMERALD-I: Egrett microphysics experiment with radiation, lidar and dynamics 2 30 June 2003 J. Whiteway
T. Choularton
NER/T/S/2001/201 EMERALD-II: Egrett microphysics experiments with radiation, lidar and dynamics in the tropics 3 31 December 2004 J. Whiteway
GST/02/2867 The radiative properties of inhomogeneous cirrus clouds 2 30 June 2003 P. Jonas
GST/02/2871 Near-infrared absorption by water vapour: a co-ordinated laboratory modelling study 2 30 September 2002 K. Shine
NER/T/S/2001/194 Field observations of near-infrared absorption by water vapour 3 31 August 2003 K. Shine
D. Newnham
GST/02/2873 Impacts of cloud inhomogeneities on their optical properties 2 25 September 2003 J. Haigh
GST/02/2892 The origin, evolution and effects of non-convective clouds at the tropical tropopause 2 31 March 2004 R. MacKenzie
NER/T/S/2001/195 Low humidity in the tropical and subtropical atmosphere 3 31 December 2004 B. Hoskins
J. Methven
NER/T/S/2001/199 Obtaining maximum greenhouse gas and cloud information from EOSMLS measurements 3 31 December 2004 R. Harwood
NER/T/S/2001/204 The global distribution, variability and radiative-climatological impact of atmospheric water vapour 3 31 December 2004 J. Harries
R. Toumi
NER/T/S/2001/205 GRAPE: Global retrieval of ATSR cloud parameters and evaluation 3 28 February 2005 R. Grainger
B. Lawrence
P. Watts