EAQUATE Data Providers Guide

Data file names.

Data providers are kindly requested to follow the BADC file name convention.

  • Note that the first component of the file name is the instrument (or group of instruments, or model) name. A list of standard instrument/model names, including the FAAM instruments, is available. Please advise the BADC if you can't find your instrument or model in the list, or if you would like to record data from several instruments in a single file, so that we can update the list (in agreement with the FAAM board if it is an instrument or a group of instruments flying on the FAAM aircraft).
  • The second component of file names (the location/platform) must be faam in the case of data collected onboard the FAAM aircraft.

    Data file format. Please format your data in NetCDF, using the CF metadata conventions. NASA Ames formatted files are also accepted. If you wish to check that files are correctly formatted before uploading them please use the NetCDF format checker or the BADC NASA-Ames format checker. Many data files contain the variable time which can be expressed in several ways. Guidelines on the recommended format of the time-variable header lines, units and the data values in Nasa-Ames files are available and are based on the format used in NetCDF.

    Metadata. It is important that the data be well documented. Please follow the BADC guidelines regarding the submission of metadata.

    Data file submission.

  • FAAM Core data: via the FAAM web uploader (access restricted to FAAM instrument operators).
  • All other data: via the EAQUATE web uploader (access restricted to EAQUATE participants).