EASOE References

Some pointers to additional information about the EASOE campaign.


An overview of the EASOE campaign, its objectives and datasets are described in:

Pyle, J.A., N.R.P. Harris, J.C. Farman, F. Arnold, G. Braathen, R.A. Cox Faucon, R.L. Jones, G. Megie, A. O'Neill, U. Platt, J-P. Pommereau, U. Schmidt, F. Stordal. An Overview of the EASOE Campaign. Geophys. Res. Lett. 21, 13, pp. 1191-1194. (1994).

Scientific Results

There are numerous papers in this EASOE special issue of Geophysics Research Letters, Volume 21, no. 13. (1994).