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ECMWF ERA-40 Forecast Study data


In response to a user request we have extracted two months worth of additional forecast products for ERA-40. This data has been the object of a study examining how the model forecasts handle the quantification and distribution of moisture-related fields.

Additional forecast data

These additional forecasts have been extracted for the months of January and July 1985 and consist of the following:

Details of other parameters is also available.

File-naming and directories

The files are located in the following locations:


GG is the grid type (gg=Gaussian; sp=Spectral),
L is the level type (m=model, p=pressure, s=single/surface),
MM is the month,
DD is the day,
HH is the hour (of the analysis or forecast start time),
PPP is the character parameter code and
FF is the 2-digit forecast step (or forecast valid time) in hours.