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Status of the ECMWF Operational Archive at the BADC

This page provides any information about changes made to the BADC archive of ECMWF operational data.

The BADC is extracts ECMWF Operational Analysis and Forecast data on a daily basis to keep pace (with a slight delay) with production. By agreement with the ECMWF the BADC does not make Operational data available until 10 days after the forecast has been produced.

Table 1 lists changes that have been made to archive that may be of interest to users.

Table 1.   Status of ECMWF Operational data.
30/09/2003 Note that a new method to create U/V wind components from the vorticity and divergence was implemented in the ECMWF MARS server at 11:00 GMT on 30th September 2003.
20/09/2002 BADC begins extracting Operational data in the same format as the ERA-40 Re-analysis data for consistency. These data are in Spectral T159 (upper air) and N80 Reduced Gaussian Gridded (surface and some upper air parameters) resolutions. A full listing of the available products and the location of the data are provided on the Operational data parameters page.