EUFAR Aircraft

Within EUFAR, access is offered to 22 instrumented aircraft ranging from low and slow flying small single engine aircraft (ENDURO) to 4-engine turbo-jet aircraft carrying several tons of instrumentation payload (BAe146) and also to 6 specialist instruments (VITO-APEX, DLR-ARES, CNRS-RALI, FUB-CASI, FUB-ISS and UNIMAN-AARP).

Aircraft designation and Specs. Category Country Operator
ASK16-FUB Small Tropospheric Germany FUB
ATR42-SAFIRE Large Tropospheric France SAFIRE
BAe146 - FAAM Jets United Kingdom FAAM
C 182J - UM SEAES Small Tropospheric United Kingdom Univ. Manchester
C 207 - FUB Small Tropospheric Germany FUB
CASA 212 AR - INTA Medium Tropospheric Spain INTA
CASA 212 RS - INTA Medium Tropospheric Spain INTA
CITATION - NLR Jets Netherlands NLR
DO228 - NERC-ARSF Medium tropospheric United Kingdom NERC-ARSF
DO228-101 - DLR Medium Tropospheric Germany DLR
DO228 /D-CFFU - DLR Medium Tropospheric Germany DLR
ENDURO - KIT Small Tropospheric Germany IMK-IFU
ERA SkyArrow-IBIMET Small Tropospheric Italy CNR IBIMET
FA20 - SAFIRE Jets France SAFIRE
G550 HALO - DLR Jets Germany DLR
Learjet - Enviscope Jets Germany Enviscope
METRO II - NLR Medium Tropospheric Netherlands NLR
Partenavia-Enviscope Small Troppospheric Germany Enviscope
PIPER AZTEC - SAFIRE Small Tropospheric France SAFIRE
POLAR 5 - AWI Large Tropospheric Germany AWI
Seneca - IBIMET Small Tropospheric Italy CNR-IBIMET