Instruments flown during EXPORT

The following table lists the instruments flown during EXPORT, suggested filename extensions are also given. The extensions are suggested, if there are any problems with these suggestions please feel free to contact the BADC.

Format of the file names

Filenames are of the form aayymmdd.ext, where :

aa is one of the prefixes he, fa, my
yymmdd is the date
ext the extension given in the table below.

Instrument Table

Chemical Species Technique C-130 Hercules Falcon Mystere
    he fa my
Ozone O3 UV absorption o36 o3b  
Ozone profile UV LIDAR     o3z (time averaged)
Water Vapour H2O Lyman-a fluorescence and dewpoint wv1   (aez,o3z - time averaged)
Position, winds, u,v,w INS, GPS, wind vanes ps1, wnd ps3, wnd3 (aez,o3z - time averaged)
Temperature T Rosemount PRT tmp tm3 (aez,o3z - time averaged)
Peroxyacetylnitrate Gas chromatography (GC) pn5    
>30 NMHC and >40 halocarbons and hydrocarbons, DMS and acetone Grab sample and subsequent GC analysis for NMHC
GC-MS analysis for halocarbons and hydrocarbons
In-situ VOCs
hc3 Leeds GC
ha2 UEA MS

hc6 Leeds ORAC
Carbon monoxide CO VUV fluorescence cm1 cm6  
Nitric oxide NO Chemiluminescence nxy ny6  

Nitrogen dioxide NO2

Photolysis + chemiluminescence nxy ? ny6  

Total reactive N NOy

Gold convertor + chemiluminescence nxy ny6  

Nitric Acid HNO3

Gold convertor + chemiluminescence nxy ? ny6  


CI-MS   na4  
Acetone CI-MS   ac4  
NO2 photolysis J(NO2) Photometer jn4 jn6  
O3 photolysis J(O1D) Fixed bandwidth radiometry, (Potential for spectral radiometry) jo5    
O3 photolysis J(O1D) Photoelectric detectors   jo6  
Speciated peroxides
(inorganic and organic)
Fluorometric po1    
Peroxy radicals (RO2 + HO2) Chemical amplifier – PERCA pr2    
Formaldehyde HCHO Fluorometric, chromatographic fm1    
Aerosol light scattering Nephelometer nep    
Aerosols TSI-CN, PSAP, PCASP, FFSSP, PMS, HVPS cn5, bc3, asc, fss, 2dc, 2dp, fs1, cld    
Backscatter ratio Profile UV LIDAR      aez