FAAM Flight Data File Names

FAAM data file names follow the BADC File Name Convention with a number of additional specific constraints listed below.

The file name structure since June 2007 is as follows:

DataID _ Platform _ Date _ [ Version# ] _ Revision# _ Flight# [ _ Extra ] . extension

or, more precisely:

dataID _ faam _ YYYYMMDD [ _ v# ] _ r# _ fxxx [ _ extra ].ext

where elements in square brackets are optional. Note that the file name is made of 5 mandatory and 2 optional fields separated by underscore signs, plus a file extension separated from the file name body by a dot. Letters appearing in the various fields must be lower case characters. The different fields represent the following variables, with the following syntax.

*Users are advised that more than one revision of the data may be present in any flight directory due to reprocessing using improved software or calibration coefficients. In the absence of specialist advice, users are always advised to use the latest revision of the highest version of data in the archive.