What is the format raw binary ?

A GOSTAplus Raw Binary Data File contains a header and N scientific data points. Whereas the header is recorded as ASCII type, the N scientific data points are in a UNIX binary integer (2 bytes) type.

FILENAME: xxxxxxxx.RAW
ACCESS: Sequential direct
Data: Binary 16 bit Integers (2 bytes per data number)

Header: 512 bytes containing values which represent the dimension of the binary data grid. (plane, row, column)

Binary Data Grid Size (bytes): plane * row * column * 2 bytes

Total Size of File (bytes): 512 bytes+ (plane * row * column * 2 bytes)

Utility programs included here are:


They are made available in two formats:

1) Source - which can be modified by the user (e.g. to add scientific calculations).
2) Executable - ready to use programs.