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Ensemble Members of the HadRM3-PPE-UK Dataset


The HadRM3-PPE-UK experiment was designed to simulate the regional climate for the UK in the period 1950-2100 for historical and medium (SRESA1B) emissions scenario. The model was run for the wider European area and the UK data extracted from it. It was a key dataset used in the generation of the UK-Climate Projections project (UKCP). It consists of an 11-member ensemble, each member driven by the same historical and SRESA1B emissions, with one unperturbed member and 10 members with different perturbations to the atmospheric parametrisations. The standard forcings include historical levels of greenhouse gases (including methane), sulphur (direct and first indirect forcing, sulphur chemistry without natural DMS and SO2 background emissions; anthropogenic SO2 emissions from surface and high level only) and tropospheric/stratospheric ozone.

The table below links the Met Office Unified Model run id with the Climate Sensitivity (K) of the slab model (HadSM3) with the same physics perturbations as the variant of HadCM3 used to drive the RCM ensemble member. The RCM name column provides the name used by the Met Office Hadley Centre to describe the RCM member.

RCM run IDClim. Sens. (K)
of corresponding
HadSM3 variant
RCM name
afgcx 3.53485HadRM3Q0
afixa 2.58475HadRM3Q3
afixc 2.81543HadRM3Q4
afixh 3.43839HadRM3Q6
afixi 4.39594HadRM3Q9
afixj 3.89523HadRM3Q8
afixk 4.44284HadRM3Qk
afixl 4.88248HadRM3Q14
afixm 4.54486HadRM3Q11
afixo 4.79648HadRM3Q13
afixq 7.11014HadRM3Q16