Chilbolton radar data

This document describes the HYREX experimental dataset from the Chilbolton radar. There are separate documents describing the Unified Model data, the common infrastructure dataset and the vertically pointing radar and associated datasets supplied by the University of Salford.

The Chilbolton radar data and an associated set of raingauge data are available from John Goddard of the CLRC's Radio Communications Research Unit (RCRU). This dataset is considered to be sufficiently specialised that interested users should contact the RCRU for help on obtaining and using the data.

Radar data

The Chilbolton data are distributed on CD-ROM. So far there are 5 CDs incorporating approx. 3Gbytes of data in total:

Other information: Software is not available with the data, however an IDL display/analysis program or FORTRAN subroutines can be obtained from John Goddard of the RCRU.

Raingauge data

Also available from RCRU is a CD of raingauge data, from 7 gauges in line west of Chilbolton. Coverage is April 1994 - Jan 1997, with 30 second integration times. A total of about 300MB data are stored in ASCII files. IDL software to read the data is available through John Goddard of the RCRU.