ISLSCP - Volume 1

This CD contains global images for 36 parameters derived from satellite and ground measurements, and one ground-based, point measurement data set (river flow). These datasets are all monthly resolution except where noted below.

The parameters on this CD, organized by group are as follows:


     Vegetation classification
     Surface roughness
     Background reflectance (NIR & Vis)
     Snow-free albedo

Hydrology and Soils

     River flow
     Soil slope, texture, and depth
     Lake, river, and marsh cover

Snow, Ice, and Oceans

     Snow cover*
     Snow depth
     Sea ice concentration
     Sea surface temperature
     Land-sea boundary

Radiation and Clouds

     Surface incoming shortwave**
     Surface outgoing shortwave**
     Top Of Atmosphere (TOA) incoming shortwave**
     TOA outgoing shortwave**
     Surface incoming PAR**
     Gap Filling Flag**
     Surface incoming longwave
     Surface net longwave
     Surface incoming shortwave
     Surface net shortwave
     Surface total net radiation
     Clear-sky albedo
     Cloud amount
     Cloud top pressure
     Optical thickness
     Cloud water path


     Land-sea mask
     Grid cell area

* These data have a temporal resolution of weekly.
** These data have a temporal resolution of monthly 3-hourly and are in compressed form on the CD.