ISLSCP - Volumes 2-5

This CD contains global images of near-surface meteorological parameters derived from the ECMWF and NMC assimilation-forecast models in compressed form are found on these CDs.

Volume 2

The parameters on this disk are at three different temporal resolutions: monthly 6-hourly, monthly, and fixed. They were derived using data from the ECMWF model and are accompanied by the standard deviation and range for each. This CD includes:

Monthly 6-Hourly Parameters

     Surface Pressure
     U and V wind stress
     Temp. at 2m
     U and V wind speed at 10m
     Dew point at 2m
     Surface temperature
     Mean sea level pressure
     Surface net shortwave and longwave radiation
     Surface Sensible and Latent heat flux
     TOA net shortwave and longwave


     Surface soil moisture
     Climate deep-soil temperature
     Deep soil temperature
     Climate deep-soil wetness
     Deep soil wetness
     Snow depth


     Roughness length

Volume 3-5

The last three volumes contain the 6-hourly data for the 2 years, 1987 and 1988.

Volume 3 contains the 6-hourly values for temperature and dew point at 2 meters using this same ECMWF model.

Volume 4 contains the 6-hourly values for surface pressure and wind magnitude at 10 meters derived using the ECMWF model.

Volume 5 has the hybrid parameters for radiation and precipitation. The radiation hybrids (shortwave and longwave) were generated using the ECMWF 6-hourly modeled radiation and the LaRC satellite derived monthly radiation products, while the precipitation (total and convective) products were produced using the NMC 6-hourly modeled precipitation and GPCP monthly precipitation products.