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This service ended on the 31st of July 2004.
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Access to ITOP-UK forecasts archived at the BADC is restricted to UTLS-Ozone and ICARTT participants who have accepted the NERC - UK Met Office Agreement. To apply for access, please follow the procedure described in the Access to Data section of the ITOP-UK Welcome Page.

To access the latest forecast products, please see section below.
To access past forecast products, please browse the ITOP-UK forecasts archive.

Access to the latest forecast products

1. Trajectories

Please select a region and a direction in the table below.

Domain Forward trajectories Backward trajectories
US East Coast usf usr
Azores azf azr
Europe No forecast eur

N.B. The links in the above table will also give you access to forward trajectories from relevant actual flight tracks.

2. TOMCAT near-real-time chemical analyses

3. Selected images derived from ECMWF forecasts

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