Met Office Hadley Centre Model Data Holdings (extracted via LINK).

The table below shows the current status of the extraction of data from a number of numerical climate models from the Met Office Hadley Centre, for archival at the BADC. These extractions have been made possible by the LINK component of the Defra DCIP contract.

HadCM3 (Hadley Centre Coupled Model, version 3)

Experiment_Name RunID Stream Description Extraction Status
SRESA1FI acfxa apa,ape,apm SRES A1 Fuel Intensive Complete
acjid apa,ape,apm Complete
acjie apa,ape,apm Complete
SRESA1FI-2100 acfxi apa,apm SRES A1FI -run to 2100 Complete
SRESA1B-2100s acfxh apa,apm SRES A1B -run to 2100 Complete
SRESA1B-2000s acfxg apa,apm SRES A1B -run to 2000 Complete
SRESB1-2100s acfxf apa,apm SRES B1 -run to 2100 Complete
SRESA1B acfxd apa,apm SRES A1B experiment Complete
SRESB1 acfxc apa,ape,apm SRES B1 experiment Complete
SRESB2b abwaa apa,ape,apm SRES B2 -second ensemble member Complete
SRESA2b abwad apa,ape,apm SRES A2 -second ensemble member Complete
SRESA2c abwae apa,ape,apm SRES A2 -third ensemble member Complete
SRESA2a aaxzi apa,ape,apm SRES A2 -first ensemble member Complete
SRESB2a aaxzz apa,ape,apm SRES B2 -first ensemble member Complete
AFH-SRESA2B2 abiaa apa,ape,apm All forcings -historical, SRES A2B2 Complete
abiab apa,ape,apm Complete
abiac apa,ape,apm Complete
AGGH abmba apa,ape,apm All greenhouse gas forcings -historical Complete
abmbb apa,ape,apm Complete
abmbc apa,ape,apm Complete
abmbd apa,ape,apm In progress
Control aaxzk apa,ape,apm Control run Complete
THC abpsp apa,ape,apm,opm Thermohaline circulation experiment Complete
AFH-SRESA2B2 abqza apa,ape,apm All forcings historical with the SRES A2B2 scenario Complete
abqzb apa,ape,apm Complete
abqzc apa,ape,apm Complete
abqzd apa,ape,apm Complete
abqze apa,ape,apm Complete
abqzf apa,ape,apm Complete
SRESB2 aaxzx apa,ape,apm SRES B2 Complete
AFH-a aaxze apa,apm All forcings historical Complete
AFH-b aaxzl apa,ape,apm Complete
NFVS-orig abicd apm Natural forcings, volcanic, sulphur Complete
abice apm Complete
abicf apm Complete
abicg apm Complete
NFVS-corr abvwa apa,ape,apm Natural forcings, volcanic, sulphur Complete
abvwb apa,ape,apm Complete
abvwc apa,ape,apm Complete
abvwd apa,ape,apm Complete
ALL abwea apa,ape,apm "All bells and whistles" Complete
abweb apa,ape,apm Complete
abwec apa,ape,apm Complete
abwed apa,ape,apm Complete
abzxa apa,ape,apm Complete
acabd ada, oda Complete
acabe apa, apm Complete
acabf apa, apm Complete
acabg apa, apm Complete
acabh apa, apm Complete
acbna apa,apm Complete
acbnb apa,apm Complete
acbnc apa,apm Complete