NAMBLEX Data - Species, Datasets and Locations

Below is a table showing where to find measurements of each species measured during NAMBLEX on the BADC. We are recommending that the datasets detailed in the table are used for all data analysis and modelling. This does not mean that any other measurements are not valid but there has to be consistency, particularly when it comes to writing papers for a special issue. All data is in NASA AMES format and contact details for the person responsible for the measurement are in the files.

Species Dataset to use
(instrument, contact)
Directory in BADC archive Comments
O3 Mace Head core (Gerry Spain) /badc/namblex/data/macehead-core
CO Mace Head core (Simon O'Doherty) /badc/namblex/data/macehead-core
CH4 Mace Head core (Simon O'Doherty) /badc/namblex/data/macehead-core
H2 Mace Head core (Simon O'Doherty) /badc/namblex/data/macehead-core
NOx UEA (NOxy, Dave Stewart) /badc/namblex/data/uea-noxy
NOy UEA (NOxy, Dave Stewart) /badc/namblex/data/uea-noxy
PAN UEA (Graham Mills) /badc/namblex/data/uea-pan
Alkyl nitrates UEA (GC - MS, David Worton) /badc/namblex/data/uea-gc-nici-ms
HCHO UEA (Graham Mills) /badc/namblex/data/uea-hcho Data taken at shore site. Data from top cottage available in 'leeds-gc-hcho'
H2O2 Leeds Env (HPLC, Andrea Jackson) /badc/namblex/data/leeds-peroxide
Organic peroxides Leeds Env (HPLC, Andrea Jackson) /badc/namblex/data/leeds-peroxide
Met Leeds Env (Top of 10 m tower, Barbara Brooks) /badc/namblex/data/leeds-metsensor
Vertical wind profile 1290MHz wind radar (Aberystwith, Emily Norton) /badc/namblex/data/aber-radar-1290mhz SODAR data from Leeds Env also available for a limited number of days - {leeds-sodar1}
Humidity Leicester (RH probe, Andrew Ricard) /badc/namblex/data/leic-relativehumidity
Trajectories Reading (ECMWF hourly, John Methven) /badc/namblex/data/ugamp-traj
NMHCs (C2-C7) York (GC-FID, Jim Hopkins) /badc/namblex/data/york-dc-gc-fid1
(alkenes / alkynes)
(aromatics / dms)
Oxy - VOCs York (GC-FID, Jim Hopkins) /badc/namblex/data/york-dc-gc-fid3
Halocarbons York (GC-MS, Lucy Carpenter) /badc/namblex/data/uea-gc-ms
J(O1D) Leicester (Spectral Radiometer, Andrew Ricard) /badc/namblex/data/leic-sr-jo1d
J(NO2) Leicester (Spectral Radiometer, Andrew Ricard) /badc/namblex/data/leic-sr-jno2
J(others) Leicester (Spectral Radiometer, Andrew Ricard) /badc/namblex/data/leic-sr-{jhcho, jhono, flux, jch3cho, jch3coch3} Other photolysis rates available on request
HOx {OH and HO2} Leeds (FAGE, James Lee) /badc/namblex/data/leeds-fage
HO2 + RO2 Leicester (PERCA, Zoe Fleming) /badc/namblex/data/leic-perca
NO3 UEA (DOAS , John Plane) - 4km path,
Cambridge (CRDS, Steven Ball) - shore point measurement
IO UEA (DOAS, John Plane) /badc/namblex/data/uea-doas
BrO UEA (DOAS, John Plane) /badc/namblex/data/uea-doas
OIO UEA (DOAS , John Plane) - 4km path,
Cambridge (CRDS, Steven Ball) - shore point measurement

I2 UEA (DOAS, John Plane) /badc/namblex/data/uea-doas
Aerosol number and composition (Nitrate, Sulphate, Organics, Ammonium) UMIST (AMS, James Allen) /badc/namblex/data/umist-ams Aerosol composition also available from Birmingham / Edinburgh ATOF-MS. Contact Rob Kinnersly.
Particle number concentration UMIST (cpc, James Allen) /badc/namblex/data/umist-cpc
Aerosol size distribution:


(dmps, Gordon McFiggans)

UMIST (fssp, Gordon McFiggans)


Fine aerosol number concentrations in 55 size bins between 0.00348 and 0.747 microns in diameter.
Coarse aerosol number concentrations in 20 size bins between 2 and 32 microns in diameter.