UK Hourly Rain data - .hrain (hourly rain observations) file format

PLEASE NOTE: The file format described below refers to the Met Office Land Surface data (1900-2000) dataset which has been superseded by the Met Office MIDAS dataset (1853-present) at the BADC.

The surface observation data are in a simple ASCII format.

A list of UK stations for which the BADC holds .hrain files is available (.hrain stations).

The file name convention is (STATION_NAME)(YEAR).(MESSAGE_TYPE).(FILE_EXTENSION)

These .hrain files contain rainfall amount and duration during the hour(s) ending at the specified time.

-999 indicates a missing value.

The first line of the data file are the fields headers (which are detailed in the table below).

The fields in the .hrain data files are :

ID Raingauge Number 1 1-8 - Rainfall observing site identification
IDTYPE - 2 9-17 - Rainfall observing site identification
MET_DOM Meteorological Domain 3 18-28 - Message types
YEAR Year 4 29-35 - 4 characters
MONTH Month 5 36-43 - 1 or 2 characters (from 1 to 12)
DAY Day 6 44-51 - 1 or 2 characters (from 1 to 31max)
END_HOUR Hour 7 52-61 - Hour of observation from 0 to 2300
COUNT Observation period 8 62-69 hours See COUNT definition
AMT Precipitation Amount 9 70-77 0.1 mm See Met Office documentation
DUR Precipitation duration 10 78-85 minutes See Met Office documentation

Rain Observation Data is available from over 4000 raingauge stations.

General information about the Rainfall Network is available in the documentation provided by the Met Office.