UK Hourly Sun data - .hsun (hourly sunshine observations) file format

PLEASE NOTE: The file format described below refers to the Met Office Land Surface data (1900-2000) dataset which has been superseded by the Met Office MIDAS dataset (1853-present) at the BADC.

The surface observation data are in a simple ASCII format.

A list of UK stations for which the BADC holds .hsun files is available (.hsun stations).

The file name convention is (STATION_NAME)(YEAR).(MESSAGE_TYPE).(FILE_EXTENSION)

These .hsun files contain sunshine duration measured during the hour ending at the specified time.
Year of first hourly sunshine data is 1980.

-999 indicates a missing value.

The first line of the data file are the fields headers (which are detailed in the table below).

The fields in the .hsun data files are :

ID Station Number 1 1-8 - -
IDTYPE - 2 9-17 - -
MET_DOM Meteorological Domain 3 18-28 - Message types
YEAR Year 4 29-35 - 4 characters
MON Month 5 36-43 - 1 or 2 characters (from 1 to 12)
DAY Day 6 44-51 - 1 or 2 characters (from 1 to 31max)
TIME Hour 7 52-59 - Hour of observation from 0 to 2300
SUN_DUR Sunshine duration 8 60-68 0.1 hour See Met Office documentation

More information about the sunshine and radiation network is available in the documentation provided by the Met Office.