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Met Office - metDB Data: ship SYNOP data

Brief description

SYNOP message from sea based stations (ships, rigs, platforms and moored buoys) using WMO code FM 13-X.

Observation coverage

Hourly observations from stations distributed globally resulting in around 10,000 reports a day.

Delivery and ingest schedule

Data are extracted for the 4 principal synoptic periods (00-06, 06-12, 12-18 and 18-00 UT) and delivered to the BADC at the following times (all in GMT):

Synoptic period Delivery to BADC
0000-0559 1330
0600-1159 1930
1200-1759 0130
1800-2359 0730

Ingest scripts run at the BADC every 20 minutes, converting the incoming files to the self describing BADC-CSV format, but neither the processed or raw data are placed into archive until the following day.

Known problems

There are no known data issues at present.

Additional information

No additional information at this time.

Parameter list

The table below provides the list of available parameters in the column order that they appear in the BADC-CSV files in the archive.

Column numberParameterUnit
6Time of receipt yearyear
7Time of receipt monthmonth
8Time of receipt dayday
9Time of receipt hourhour
10Time of receipt minuteminute
11Ship call sign1
12Buoy identifier1
15Collecting centre1
16Bulletin ID1
17Station type1
18Amend number1
19Correction number1
20Original wind speed units1
21Wind directiondegrees true
22Wind direction quality control flag1
23Wind speedm/s
24Wind speed quality control flag1
25Air temperatureK
26Air temperature quality control flag1
27Dew point temperatureK
28Dew point temperature quality control flag1
29Relative humidity (only if dewpoint not present)%
30Horizontal visibilitym
31Horizontal visibility quality control flag1
32Vertical visibilitym
33Present weather1
34Present weather quality control flag1
35Past weather periodhour
36Most significant past weather1
37Most significant past weather report quality control flag1
38least significant past weather report1
39Least significant past weather report quality control flag1
40Amount of all cloud present1
41Amount of all cloud present quality control flag1
42Period when maximum temperature reportedhour
43Maximum air temperatureK
44Period when minimum temperature reportedhour
45Minimum air temperatureK
46Section 1 rainfall periodhour
47Section 1 rainfall amountkg/m2
48Section 1 rainfall amount quality control flag1
49Section 3 rainfall periodhour
50Section 3 rainfall amountkg/m2
51Section 3 rainfall amount quality control flag1
52Total precipitation in past 24 hourskg/m2
53Start of period of maximum gustminutes
54End of period of maximum gustminutes
55Highest gust recordedm/s
56Start of period of high mean windminutes
57End of period of high mean windminutes
58Highest mean wind speedm/s
59Pressure at mean sea levelPa
603 hour pressure tendency1
613 hour pressure tendency quality control flag1
623 hour pressure changePa
633 hour pressure change quality control flag1
6424 hour pressure changePa
65Direction reporting method1
66Direction of platform motiondegrees
67Speed reporting method1
68Speed of platform motionm/s
69Temperature measuring method1
70Sea surface temperatureK
71Wet-bulb temperature measuring method1
72Wet-bulb temperatureK
73Wave measuring method1
74Height of wind wavesm
75Period of wind wavesseconds
76Primary swell wave directiondegrees
77Primary swell wave periodseconds
78Primary swell wave heightm
79Secondary swell wave directiondegrees
80Secondary swell wave periodseconds
81Secondary swell wave heightm
82Origin of ice accretion on ship 1
83Thickness of ice accretion on shipm
84Rate of ice accretion on ship1
85Sea ice concentration/arrangement1
86Stage of development of sea icem
87Ice of land origin amount/type1
88Bearing of principal ice edgedegrees
89Ice situation1
90Low cloud type (CL)1
91Low cloud type (CL) quality control flag1
92Medium cloud type (CM)1
93Medium cloud type (CM) quality control flag1
94High cloud type (CH)1
95High cloud type (CH) quality control flag1
96Low cloud amount1
97Low cloud amount quality control flag1
98Height of base of cloudm
99High of base of cloud quality control flag1
100Cloud amount (8 groups)1
101Cloud amount quality control flag1
102Cloud type (8 groups)1
103Cloud type quality control flag1
104Height of cloud base (8 groups)m
105Height of cloud base quality control flag1
106Cloud amount (8 groups)1
107Cloud amount quality control flag1
108Cloud type (8 groups)1
109Cloud type quality control flag1
110Height of cloud base (8 groups)m
111Height of cloud base quality control flag1
112Cloud amount (8 groups)1
113Cloud amount quality control flag1
114Cloud type (8 groups)1
115Cloud type quality control flag1
116Height of cloud base (8 groups)m
117Height of cloud base quality control flag1
118Cloud amount (8 groups)1
119Cloud amount quality control flag1
120Cloud type (8 groups)1
121Cloud type quality control flag1
122Height of cloud base (8 groups)m
123Height of cloud base quality control flag1