CLIMAT Upper Air Long Period Surface Average Values - Columns in the CUNS table

Description: Long period surface averages for a CLIMAT upper air station for the specified month. Attributes norm_first_year and norm_last_year specify the period over which the normals are calculated. CLIMAT normals are not subject to quality control, so there are no QC or version number attributes.

For the convenience of users, the CUNS file column headers are available for download in Excel or as a comma separated text file

PK Attribute Datatype Description / Units / Precision
  src_id NUMBER(6) Unique source identifier
* norm_first_year NUMBER(4) First year of normal
* norm_last_year NUMBER(4) Last year of normal
* norm_month NUMBER(2) Month of normal
* id_type VARCHAR2(4) Identifier type
* id VARCHAR2(8)  
* met_domain_name VARCHAR2(8) Message type
  rec_st_ind NUMBER(4) State indicator for the record**
  mean_stn_lvl_pres NUMBER(5,1) Normal - monthly mean pressure
0.1 hpa
  sd_mean_stn_lvl_pres NUMBER(5,1) Std dev - monthly mean pressure
0.1 hpa
  mean_sfc_air_temp NUMBER(3,1) Normal - monthly mean air temp
0.1 deg C
  sd_mean_sfc_air_temp NUMBER(2,1) Std dev - monthly mean air temp
0.1 deg C
  mean_surface_dewpoint NUMBER(2) Normal - mean monthly dew point
0.1 deg C
  sd_mean_sfc_dwpt NUMBER(2,1) Std dev - mean monthly dew point
0.1 deg C

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More information about the Met Office surface data is available in the documentation provided by the Met Office.