CLIMAT Upper Air Values - Columns in the CURS table

Description: This entity contains monthly values at the surface received in WMO code FM-75-CLIMAT TEMP which is a monthly report of upper air CLIMAT values. The record is for the specified year, month and station.

For the convenience of users, the CURS file column headers are available for download in Excel or as a comma separated text file

PK Attribute Datatype Description / Units / Precision
* src_id NUMBER(6) Unique source identifier
* ob_date DATE Last day of month of observation
* version_flag CHAR(1) Observation version number
  id_type VARCHAR2(4) Identifier type
  id VARCHAR2(8)  
  met_domain_name VARCHAR2(8) Message type
  rec_st_ind NUMBER(4) State indicator for the record**
  mean_stn_lvl_pres NUMBER(5,1) Monthly mean surface pressure
0.1 hpa
  mean_sfc_air_temp NUMBER(3,1) Mean monthly air temperature
0.1 deg C
  mean_surface_dewpoint NUMBER(4,1) Mean monthly dew point
0.1 deg C
  nom_rsnd_hr_id CHAR(1) Nominal hour of radio-sonde ascent / code
  mean_stn_lvl_pres_qc_code CHAR(1) Quality of mean station-level air pressure / code
  mean_sfc_air_temp_qc_code CHAR(1) Quality of mean surface air temperature / code
  mean_surface_dewpoint_qc_code CHAR(1) Quality of mean surface dewpoint / code
  meto_stmp_time DATE Met Office receipt stamp time
  qual_analyst_id VARCHAR2(3) Identifier of QC staff member

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More information about the Met Office surface data is available in the documentation provided by the Met Office.