UK Sub-hourly Rainfall data - Columns in the RS table

The surface observation data are in a simple ASCII format.

Description: This entity contains rainfall tip amounts with a time resolution of one minute, from SSER. The identifier is DCNN or rainfall station number. Non-key attributes are taken from mp.srain. There are no QC attributes because, in May 1995, OPR confirmed that there would not be any quality control performed on sub-hourly rainfall.

For the convenience of users, the RS file column headers are available for download in Excel or as a comma separated text file

PK Attribute Description / Units
* ob_time Date and time of observation
* id_type Identifier type
* id  
* met_domain_name Message type
  src_id Unique source identifier or station site number
  prcp_tip_amt Precipitation tip amount
0.001 mm
  rec_st_ind State indicator for the record**
  meto_stmp_time Met Office receipt stamp time
  midas_stmp_etime Elapsed time to storage in MIDAS

** Details available to registered users only.

More information about the Met Office surface data is available in the documentation provided by the Met Office.