CLIMAT Upper Air Long Period Surface Average Values - Columns in the CUNS table

Description: This table contains monthly and annual surface climatological averages and met element check values for surface CLIMAT reports. These values are calculated by the CARLOS and CLIMAT teams.

For the convenience of users, the SCLE file column headers are available for download in Excel or as a comma separated text file

PK Attribute Datatype Description / Units / Precision
* src_id NUMBER(6) Unique source identifier
* clmo_end_date DATE  
* clmo_year_cnt NUMBER(2)  
* met_domain_name VARCHAR2(8) Message type
  month_number NUMBER(2)  
  met_element_id NUMBER(5) Each meteorological paremeter is referenced by this value. See the Met Element id table to determine which value to use for wanted parameter, e.g. 10051 is mean sea level pressure
  rec_st_ind NUMBER(4) State indicator for the record**
  met_elem_ob_per NUMBER(8) Start and end year joined
  met_elem_ob_mo_cnt NUMBER(3) Count of months with actual data
  met_elem_mean_val NUMBER(6,2) Mean
  met_elem_sd_val NUMBER(6,2) Standard deviation
  met_elem_medn_val NUMBER(6,2) Median
  met_elem_75prc_val NUMBER(6,2) Value which includes 75% of records
  met_elem_25prc_val NUMBER(6,2) Value which includes 25% of records
  met_elem_high_cnf_val NUMBER(6,2)  
  met_elem_low_cnf_val NUMBER(6,2)  
  coef_skew_prcp_amt NUMBER(4,3) Skewness of precipitation record

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More information about the Met Office surface data is available in the documentation provided by the Met Office.