UTLS-Ozone Directory Structure

This is a draft document, and will change with time.


This document outlines the unix directory structure used at the BADC for the UTLS-OZONE data archive. The structure reflects conventions adopted by the BADC for other data archives, which are based on ease of navigation and access.

Most, but not all, of the files relating to data collected as part of UTLS-OZONE funded projects are stored at the BADC under /badc/utls-ozone. This directory has subdirectories data, doc, and software, that contain the data, documentation, and software respectively. Some files relating to data collected as part of UTLS-OZONE funded projects are held elsewhere on the BADC. These are from the MST radar which are regularly archived at the BADC in the directory /badc/mst.

The /badc/utls-ozone/data directory is split in to a number of subdirectories. These are based loosely on individual projects. It is not, however, appropriate to have a subdirectory for each individual project. For instance the Aberystwyth ozone sonde and LIDAR profiles have been funded by several projects and there are some overlaps. To make access to the ozone sonde and LIDAR data simple and to avoid repetition the ozone profiles are stored in a subdirectory not associated with an individual project.

Data Directories

The main subdirectories of the UTLS data archive are given in the table below. Links from the directory names give more information on the contents of the individual data directories.
DirectoryAssociated Projects(First) PI or
data provider
/badc/utls/data/actoAtmospheric Chemistry and Transport of Ozone Penkett
/badc/utls/data/dcfz Dynamics and Chemistry of Frontal Zones Browning
/badc/utls/data/egrett Aberystwyth Egrett Experiment Whiteway
Airborne Measurements of Atmospheric TracersJones
/badc/utls/data/gcm-hal GCM measurements of halogenated source gases Penkett
/badc/utls/data/itop/ Intercontinental transport of ozone and precursors Lewis
/badc/utls/data/met_images/ - All - Kettleborough
/badc/utls/data/mst/ Egrett Hooper
/badc/utls/data/ozprof Investigations of the Subtropical Jetstream Vaughan
/badc/utls/data/sicaScientific instruments for Commercial AircraftJones
/badc/utls/data/slimcat - All -Chipperfield
/badc/utls/data/theseoTHESEO Balloon Borne Measurements Jones
Improved Upper-Air AnalysisMcKenzie
/badc/utls/data/tropopause_O3_and_H2OOzone and water vapour in the tropopause region Vaughan
/badc/utls/data/vocCharacterisation of VOCs in the UTLSPilling


Contains 3-D chemical and meteorological global stratospheric fields computed by Martyn Chipperfield with the SLIMCAT model. Twelve files (one model output at one date near the middle of each month of 1997).


The dcfz directory will contain the following:

c-130Data from the c-130.
chilbolton/rawRAW data from the Chilbolton Radar.
chilbolton/imagesImages produced from Chilbolton Radar Data.
mst/READMEReferences to files in/badc/mst for MST observations made during DCFZ.
ozprof/READMEReferences to files in/badc/utls/data/ozprof for Ozone Sonde and LIDAR observations made during DCFZ.
summariesSummary documents for each of the flights.