Image File Naming Convention for Chilbolton Radar

This page contains information on the file naming convention of image files for the Chilbolton radar. The files are of the form:

Where the cb denotes the files are from Chilbolton, yyddmm is the date string, hhmmss is the time string, dd is the scan number, and xxx designates the plot type. More details on each of the components of the file name are given below.

Components of filename


Allowed values:

cbChilbolton Radar


The six character date identifies the date of the observations in the file. The date is in the format YYDDMM.

e.g. '991001' represents 10th January 1999


The six character time identifies the time of the scan in the file. The date is in the format HHMMSS.


The scan number for the Chilbolton Radar.


Allowed values:

rhi Vertical Scan of the Radar.
ppi 'Horizontal' Scan of the Radar.