This folder contains data licences prepared by the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA). The contents include 4 generic licences designed to aid wider re-used of these licences (as described below) and specific data licences. Not all licences here are in present use.

Generic Licences

4 generic licences have been produced by CEDA to address common licence requirements. These have been based on the UK Open Government Licence (OGL) and UK Non-Commercial Open Government Licences, which are equivalent to CC-by and CC-by-nc. Each of these 4 generic licences has a symlink below which points to the latest version of the licence. All versions of the licence are available under the associated "_versions" sub-folder to aid access to previous versions of the licence or linking to specific versions.

Specific Licences

These licences are used with various resources offered by CEDA either now or in the past.

Additional items

Further Information

For further information on using these licences please contact the CEDA Helpdesk: